Ask your ex for dating advice 10 ways to get your ex back

Ask your ex for dating advice

Suggest a casual date by phone. If she accepts your date invite, ease in.

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Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder—but other times, it causes that heart to seek out another man. If she turns you down, give her space.

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The duo separated after five years of courtship and she believes he knows her in and out, a best local dating that places him in a privileged position of offering much needed counsel each time she has problems with her husband.

Bahati, the Life and relationships coach and founder of Life Fix says there is no evil in seeking advice from an ex, but first things first Emmanuel Mbabazi, a counselling specialist, believes there are exes who may be biased or give wrong advice.

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So here are 10 tips on how to approach her for Round Two. This is especially the case if you speak to multiple exes and they give you similar feedback.

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Mbabazi notes that in case one has ascertained that their exes have their interests at heart which is rareand have cultivated a healthy relationship with boundaries, they can go ahead and ask your advice. Your ex can pinpoint your missteps and lead you in the right direction when dating.

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Dating site piercings is when an ex can dating advice. In Summary Sometimes, according to Hilda Bahati, an ex will know you better and for a better understanding of the opposite sex.

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Tap into your romantic side: A former ex from many moons ago is the best bet as there has been distance not only to move on, but also to heal from emotional wounds. Skip to main content. Just make sure you can easily break off from the pack to talk.

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It is believed that exes cannot be friends but what evil would there be in seeking advice from someone from the past an ex? Bahati, the Life and relationships coach and founder of Life Fix says there is no evil in seeking advice from an ex, but first things first.

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You made a huge mistake when you let her go. Consulting with an ex will give you a needed reality check.

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Besides, your exes know you better than anyone else. So propose getting together—not moving in together.