Seadoo xp hose hook up Seadoo xp hose hook up

Seadoo xp hose hook up, re: where do you hook up water hose to start out of water?

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Takes 5 sec at a max to put in place. Hydrodrags and their bullshit Personal Watercraft Performance Skis. Came up with plastic PEX tubing from the hardware. I don't have time to fashion them. I was cleaning the hull out before running it so I soaked the inside bottom with some spray nine and filled it a little with water What did you do to your Seadoo Spark today?

hooking a garden hose to my 96 xp

BB code is On. I just use a gardenhose which got some stiffness.

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Does it get wet from the water outside the ski or from inside the hull? If I have to pinch the left side of the hose--why can't I just cut the end off the garden hose and clamp the rubber to the head and pump it in that way?

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Cut the pipe to length, and it will just stay on the back of your spark when you're riding. I ran it for a couple of minutes because I read in the manual that was fine, but I didn't see anything about the carbon ring. If there isn't, this is the Kit you need: I am bit confused on this. Could this ring be damaged now and how would I know if it was?

water hook up 95 xp

The time now is Carbon is very hard but also brittle, heating it up without cooling it, makes it that much easier to break. Not bad at all, at least it is a quick process, beats being at it for an extended hose hook of time. I figured out why I didn't ruin mine I can't see there being much difference between the hose set up on your engine compared to mine. A lil Teflon lube inside the hose helps it slide onto the fitting easily.

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Without blocking it off it just won't have as much cooling. I let it go for a half an hour.

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No need to put the hand inside there. Im glad im not the only one!!

Re: hooking a garden hose to my 96 xp

XPSS would know better. Remove the cover and under it you will see a coupler with a grease fitting and a rubber boot, then propshaft, and further down is the carbon ring with another rubber boot clamped onto it.

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Can someone make up a bunch and just sell them on ebay already? But when I ran mine hook up french translation the set-up just as it is the head and exhaust stayed cool enough to touch the whole time. If it is damaged, would the ski be leaking water into the hull?

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For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. I have the same problem for a year now. Thanks again for the info.