Why are indian parents so strict about dating 22 Reasons Why Your Indian Parents Are Disappointed In You

Why are indian parents so strict about dating

When it comes to having strict parents, Indians have it the worst am I right?

BF thinks he will be disowned. I understand the pressure he is into right now, He doesn't want to disappoint his family nor also to leave me. But yeah family pressures - or that's what he told me. Tell me what you think, about best dating agency brisbane type of dating and the possibilities.

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My name is even Alexandra! Lets just think of this way that they are just family oriented. Before we go any further let me say a few things.

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We are dating since a year and my gf has issues with household chores and other normal tasks to be performed everyday in the house. Related Questions In parenting, how strict is too strict? AND when you meet his parents, you can touch their feet. Stick to religious duties, for example the 5 daily prayers.

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He said he doesn't want to have me hang out with his friends because he is afraid we'll break up because of his parents rejecting me. If you want you can give me your email, instead of posting here over and over. I am a south Indian woman working in Europe and in a relationship with a European man.

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I felt as though him keeping me from his parents meant that he was ashamed or embarrassed.

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People say Asian parents are strict ya good dating show questions know Indians are Asians toobut seriously, I do not think I have seen parents much more strict than Indian parents.

But thats just bogus. He was getting phone calls from india quite often because of our relationship.

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What is it like to have strict parents? We traveled to my country at the beginning of this year and he meet my family that loves him.

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As this is a very generalised statement, it is very difficult to offer a reasonably convincing answer. Related Questions Are there parents from Delhi who don't mind their daughter having a boyfriend?

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Is it easier to parent children as an older parent? Here are the links:. Now i am dating a russian american who is very welcoming and kind. Ve never dated a Jamaican man.

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We are both very committed to each other but it has effected my relationship with my mum badly. Her comment to that is, "My why ares indian parents so strict about dating are not her parents". I could really do with someone to be able to talk about this to.

I'm in a relationship with a white girl for a few months now, I'm He said that he wanted to visit me here but his dad won't allow.