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Akali matchmaking

Ignite is also vital if you don't have the stacks on best time to join online dating ult to finish off someone. There are no comments yet. Back to Champion List.

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Be aware of his ganks and pay caution. Log in to post the first comment!

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Upgrade these boots into whatever suits best against your opponent, if you can't find one get Sorcerer's. Cleanse if support has ignite and youre against a high cc mid laner.

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup. Starting Items my standard akali start.

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VS Lee Sin Hard. Lee sin can straight up 1v1 you at level 3 or 6.

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Akali also relies heavily on her ultimate for burst damage. This is because Akali doesn't have much of an escape other than her W which just provides a bit of invisibility.

If you do not have 3 matchmakings on your ultimate do not engage a matchmaking. Yasuo will be hard to CS against but when you have your ultimate you will be able to shred him down very easily. Don't even bother trying to burst down a Garen, he will eat up your damage and return it and absolutely shred you. You don't want to play aggressive against Annie, Tibbers will eat you up while you burst her and if she stuns you, you will die instantly.

Althought Lich Bane may seem like a bad item it is really good on Akali, this is due to it's passive, the Mana loss is worth it for how much you get in return and how deadly it can make you. Gnar does not have enough range to lane against you and hence you will easily be able to fight him if kenner dating dodge his Q which is easy enough.

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Against ad mid lane. I highly recommend Ignite and Flash. If you are carrying really hard.

Guides 3D Models Stats. What you upgrade first highly depends on who you are laning against, if you're laning against a Melee mid laner such as Zed you want to start with your E so you can add some poke will CS'ing this is because your Q will do next to no damage against a high threat like Zed. All Guides Akali Guides [6.

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