Dating yamaha recording custom drums Expert Review: Yamaha Recording Custom

Dating yamaha recording custom drums

Drums are coded with two-letter prefix on the serial numbers. Last edited by jhicks; at Originally Posted by chrisso.

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Send a private message to Les Ismore. If they are RC s or something similar this was the deal of a lifetime.

At the time, I thought these drums were just stage customs, but after doing some research, I don't see how they could be. If I recall correctly they did make them with the high tension lugs for a time before they were discontinued.

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PMT Can't wait to hear more about this new series! I bought a Yamaha RC today, Euros.

It just seems really free network dating sites. The Surf Green is not a turquoise and not a robin's-egg blue, but a nice melding of the two. I think we did a great job, the drums sound dating yamaha recording custom drums and am excited to see them unveiled so people can see and importantly hear them.

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There's another prospective buyer viewing the kit tomorrow before me That way you position the ride cymbal anyway you want. Even the guy from yamaha isn't sure. Help FAQs Go to top. Identify as Yamaha Recording custom or Tour custom?

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Need help identifying my Yamaha Recording Custom That's not a recording custom. Send a private message to wloeb.

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Regarding the other two drums the 12x12 Rock Tour Custom and the unknown 8 that has been refinished multiple timesthese are rag-tag drums that, in my opinion, devalue your RC offering. You can go one of three ways; batter lower, batter higher, or equal pitch with both heads. These Yamaha's are from the late 70's I believe. Send a private message to bonzolead.

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It is nice that the page exists. It has some orange peel and looks like an average guy refinished it, but it is blue at least. Bass Bass Starter Packs.

Better deals out there.

How old is my kit ? (Looking for Yamaha serial number info)

I had assumed that they were recording customs until I saw a picture of the rock tour customs on this forum. Since it had already been refinished I painted it black to use with my RTC kit. As for tuning intervals - I usually use the 'call to post' as my starting point. The pro level Yamaha drums have always been made in Japan.

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Here is the text from the Yamaha page on dating: Send a private message to JesusMySavior. The Surf Green finish is flawless - it even looks wet. I got my set new for Christmas of The new Recording Customs are produced with a quality First text message to a girl online dating American birch.