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Puma dating chart

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Great site Brent,I purchased a puma Sea Hunter set in about it was a two knife set, the mariner and sea hunter together in a leather sheath, the poor old mariner has has been used so much I have retired it to the archives now.

As for the years of production, all I can tell you isthey were made prior to and at least up until the late 60s.

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Is there a dating strategy number engraved on your Puma knife? It saved my life, the scumbag that stole it has my everlasting enmity. There are 2 small books, one with a metal clasp which I have not opened. No other differences but blade material. If the top of the blade has broken off or the blade shows gaps, the knife can be resharpened.

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One I recently bought I was told was made in It's not in "mint" condition, and I tossed the box and paperwork years ago, but it's nice to know I made a good decision back when! Hi Terry, This is a very interesting site!

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Certainly this one is weighty and has a beautiful bone handle etc I wish they would up-size this knife just a bit and add some serrations and a lanyard hole. Could I get some information on how to date these knives?

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Does someone have any information on this? Should this be as a dating chart quarter dating chart Dating someone just divorced in Montrose, CA.

Knives, knife collections, antique, vintage and edged tools.

Do you agree with the usage of cookies? If it is an older one, I wouldn't use it if I were you. It has no date code on tang. Hello,I just purchased an older skinner.

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Where Are Puma Knives Made? I thought then that perhaps this knife was from the c - period but knowing nothing of these knives before today and having had a quick glance online it seems many of these knives puma made post war; is this correct? I am going hunting for the first time soon, and I was wondering if it would make a good knife for field dressing or skinning a deer?

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What is the size of the Puma Lord blade? The gut knife has it's markings of "Puma-Solingen Germany-Inox", but the larger knife has been well used and the blade is scuffed up from sharpening so I take it that the markings which should have been there are worn matchmaking charlotte nc. Its been a working knife and has seen a lot of use. I appreciate your site a lot.

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No, so that way I can get more!!! It's a Corporal, similar to the Rambler you show, but with a black handle.

What is the difference between a Model and a Model White Hunter? I regularly visit his homepage to pic up informations and i always look for the knifes which he sold.

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There may be more, but the knife rubbing would have worn them off if there were more originally.